Location: New Ulm, Minnesota
Date: November 19, 2005 - Start: 9:30 PM End: 12:20 PM

Weather Conditions: Partly Clear
Temperature: 33 F
Humidity: 90%
Pressure: Not Available
Wind: 10 MPH NW
Moon Phase: 75% Full

Investigators Present: Adam, Kelly, Jim, Garret, Mary Kay (MK), business employee, and building owner
Camera: 3 Digital Cameras.
EMF: Cell Sensor EMF

History: We were invited to this location thanks to our Mankato State University project that we did in October. We had meet two ladies who bluntly said to us, "Why don't you guys come to New Ulm ever?" One was an employee of this building which she said gave her the hebejeebies on the top floor and the other was a local psychic from New Ulm named Mary Kay.

We then set out on a date for this building and fufilled their wish and we went to New Ulm.

The building houses three shops. It is the third generation of a building that used to rest on the ground. The two before it burned down in the late 1800s and this one survived a partial fire. The building consists of four levels; 3 floors and a basement.

The building was used for many different purposes. It was used as a hospital for the Dakota Conflict (Sioux Uprising), a transient home, a hotel, and now houses three local businesses.

The very top floor was added on in 1891 and was the most active for us. It consisted of 15 staying rooms and one bathroom.
Any cold spots or sensations? A lot of tingling sensations, cold chills, and uneasy feelings were felt by Mary Kay, Adam, and Kelly. Some rooms where unbearable. Downstairs in the business on the right side was a heavy feeling of sadness felt by Adam. The basment made a lot of people feel uneasy and Adam and the employee felt feeling of gagging or throwing up.

Investigation: We showed up at the New Ulm business at 8:40 PM when on arrival we were greeted by the business empolyee and Mary Kay, a local psychic. We had met both of these ladies through our MSU presentation that we did in October and after the seminar, they approached our group and invited us to this building. This was Mary Kay's first time in the building as well as ours.

We were first introduced to the top floor on our tour. This is the part of the building that creeps out the employee and the reason we were invited. The floor consisted of 15 rooms and one bathroom. This section was built in 1891 and was used as living space.

Right away we noticed that this area was poorly insulated and cold. There was a sensation that tingled your body as soon as you entered this space and each of the rooms appeared to have its own feeling. Here is what we found in each one of the rooms with Mary Kay leading the way. Most rooms were in the state of a codemned building but some were restored and used as a small office or storage.




Room 1     MK sensed a man and a woman in here. She said they were expecting us and posing for us.
Room 2     Nothing was sensed.
Room 3     Nothing.
Room 4     This was the room that a small boy named Christopher was in. He was playing with a wooden toy with wheels.
Room 5     Was hard to get in. A strong feeling of dislike and coldness. MK sensed a man who simply said, "Jesus Christ! What are you doin' in here?"
Room 6     "Clara's Room" This was a simple hallway where MK had sensed the spirit of a maid named Clara who said "the men are hard to take care of."
Room 7     Was a bathroom. Nothing sensed in there.
Room 8     Was nothing of importance.
Room 9     Nothing of importance.
Room 10     MK sensed a doctor feel. The room smelled sterile.
Room 11     Was a small office. MK sensed the feeling of choking and stated that there was a heavyset guy in there who had a scar across his neck.
Room 12     This was the room that EVERYONE didnt like. For once, Adam stopped dead in his tracks and didn't want to even walk near this room. Kelly agreed with that feeling and MK said that she feels that a man with a gun is in there. Possible Dacotah Conflict spirit who had been shot in the shoulder. He was not happy that we were there.
Room 13     Was an engineer room with servers and electrical equipment. Nothing of importance.
Room 14     Small office. Nothing of importance.
Room 15     MK sensed a small girl named "Anne" in this room. She was scared and wanted her mom. She also sensed a man who liked to write things in quiet and she said the little girl stayed with him for protection.
Polka Room     This room was locked. It was where the employee stored her love for polka music in secret. ;)
"Honeymoon Suite"    

MK began to write things down and she sensed a woman who she said had been left. She kept getting, "He left me. He left me." She also stated this woman was pregnant when the man left her. She said the spirit was very angry about her previous life and is still hung on that.

The reason why this room was nicknamed the Honeymoon Suite was that in the 1980, this room was used as a Honeymoon Suite by a local in town who had her wedding downstairs on the first floor.

We ended up catching a lot of orb activity in this building. However it was quite dusty and old so we cannot be certain if they were dust or orbs. What is suprising however is the areas where MK sensed energy is the areas where we caught a lot of orb activity.

The rest of the building was quite calm and quite. The kitchen area had what MK sensed to be a woman who was quite sad about something. She was going on a picnic but what is interesting is that Adam had sensed a feeling of sadness that he didn't share with MK.

The basement had high levels of electromagnetic fields due to the wiring, pipes, and other utilities.

Observations and Conclusions: The building isn't "haunted" as there is no activity that goes on that disturbs the living however there are spirits in the building. They seem to be pretty happy with the way they and the living coincide.