No good ghost hunter leaves for an investigation without a basic kit for investigation. Since we at want to educate the masses on our techniques and provide tips out there for you aspiring ghost hunters, we have provided you with this article, a How To Guide for Making Your Own Ghost Hunting Kit.

First, you will need to find a good casing for your tools. You want something sturdy that will allow your equipment protection from travel but also allow you to be organized. An organized ghost hunter is the ghost hunter who is prepared for whatever the haunt throws at it.

Adam recently made a new kit for his equipment. He chose to use a toolbox from the local Walmart as his casing because it it sturdy, has two levels that allow him to be organized, and also keeps his batteries from rolling around. He also was able to put both "new" and "used" batteries from one another. A ghost hunter goes through a lot of batteries during the course of an investigation due to the spirits drawing energy from sources so they may manifest themselves. Nancy knows this all too well!


Here is the exterior view of Adam's new case. You can see that he has labeled the two compartments for the batteries as well as put the group's business card on the outside of the case.


Here you can see the two types of batteries. New are still mostly in their packing and the old ones are straying about. This was a great choice for a kit housing!

So now that there is a safe house for the tools and various equipment, what do you put in it? Well, every good kit should include the following:

- Batteries. They go dead quick, so stockpile.
- A flashlight. Unless you are a cat, you will need one of these for those dark places.
- A first aid kit. In case of emergency!
- Extra Film. If you are using film loaded 35mm, you will need extra rolls in case you stumble upon something extraordinary, you don't want to be out of film!
- Pens. You need something to write with, right?
- Notebook. Because paper is better than your group member's arm.
- Business cards. To provide your clients with contact information when you visit.

- Audio Recorder. For EVP files and taking verbal notes.

- A Camera. Whether its 35mm or digital, you will need something to visually document the area as well as try to get spirit photography on your investigation.
- Headphones. For listening closely to the audio recorder for EVPs on playback. This allows for immediate feedback rather than having to wait to review them digitally on a computer.
- A measuring tape. For checking distances and measurements of a home for the data forms.
- Thread. To seal off doors and rig up security lines to make sure tampering is not in your investigation.
- Scotch Tape. For taping up notes or putting thread up so you do not damage the clients home with a push pin or nails.
- A thermometer. Use this for checking for cold spots as well as documenting the environment's temperature.

Adam went all out and put more than the basics in his kit. Here is the inside of his kit below:


These are the items that Adam keeps in his kit. Most of the basic items can be seen in the kit but some others are put in there as well.

Some other items that Adam has included are:

• EMF Meter. For checking the electro and magnetic fields on investigations.
• Post it Notes . For making notes near hot spots in a location or for leaving notes for teammates.
• Rubber bands. For keeping the kit's many wired equipment tied back.
• Extra hi-8 film . For the investigations that require video taping, the kit is prepared for any mishaps with loaded film.
• Altoids. See the story below.

Recommended books . There are references in the kit in case any member or client needs help looking something up. We recommend books to clients and having a hard copy of those texts help a guest quickly find and pick out a book at the local Barnes and Noble or online shop. Many of those books can be found in our Recommended Reading section.

You may have noticed that Altoids are put in the kit. Why so? It's an old trick that Adam has picked up and borrowed from fellow investigator and mentor, John Savage of the MNPIG.

These "curiously strong" mints allow for the senses to react on the mint while a member of the team becomes overwhelmed in an investigation. Many times a person in a haunted locations will feel great sadness, become stressed out, or tired and these mints allow a focal point or quickly become a "pick me up."

"John uses them as a grounding tool when he does psychic walkthroughs," says Adam. "They allow him to realize that while he is going through intense emotions that he is picking up from the environment and spirits. He and his team shared with us what happens when he doesn't have the mints and I guess its not pretty."

When asked what Savage does when he runs out of mints?

"Oh, I have cases upon cases of them! I've made the mistake of not having them and my team can tell you that it wasn't my most glorious moment!" said Savage.

Whether you are psychic or not, they do provide to useful for some investigators. This is just another point that the most simple things do become quite useful during investigations!

If you have a ghost hunting kit that you'd like to share with us, please send us a picture and a list of the items in the kit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Since this article has been out of date for a few years now, Adam wanted to update this article a bit to be more helpful. Since the original article, a lot of new resources and tech have been developed for the curious field of ghost hunting. For those that are looking to start their own kits, here are a few lists from popular retailers that may be in your local neighborhood.



  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Toolbox
  • Power Strips / Surge Protectors
  • Video Camera
  • Laptop
  • Duct Tape
  • Extension Cords
  • Tripod
  • Cases / Bags



  • Aluminum Cases
  • Trap Cameras
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights



  • Batteries
  • Power Strip
  • Extension Cords
  • Flashlights
  • Tool Boxes


Creepy Hollow Gear - Infrared Illuminators and other goodies

Moditronic - Infrared / UV Filter Cameras

Amazon - Great for electronics such as EMF detectors, cameras, etc.

eBay - The cheapest place to find electronics and other gear such as toolboxes/cases

Ghost Stop - A one stop shop for ghostly goodies - Great for DVRs and electronics

NewEgg - Great for DVRs and electronics just as TigerDirect