The Noose bar in St. Paul has given its staff members a spook here and there. Staff have reported having doors swing open by themselves, a jukebox has turned on and played by itself, and a beer glass shot across the room and shattered on the wall.

There was also a time when a neon sign swung from a fixture and eventually fell and broke. Those that were around claim there was no wind gusts or anyone around the fixture. So who didn't like the lit up sign?

The scariest event to happen at this dining spot in the metro was when a customer entered the bathroom. While in the bathroom, the cold water faucet turned on by itself. A bit spooked by this occurrence, the customer turned off the faucet... only to have both faucets turn on in response.

Address: 1179 East 7th St., St. Paul, MN
Phone: (651) 774-3859
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